Thursday, March 29, 2012

Assignment #4

When the Taliban came into town, everything changed. Lives were normal and peaceful until it all changed and they were required to cover themselves. From the eastern world point of view, should women have equal rights in society as men do?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Assignment #2

     Assignment#2  Topic 1 JSegura 2nd period

     In the novel " The Road" The main character,who is the father, goes through challenging situations, both physically and mentally, that lead him to the brink of life or death. His son is the only other person he knows and relies on,for company,for warmth, and the only strenght that helps him carry on with his life. The life he carries is like a burden on his shoulders not only carring for hmself but also the life of his son. The ongoing conflict is evident when the father gives the gun to the son and tells him to shoot himself if he got caught by men. This shows the reader how the father is having conflict with his inner self and doesn't know what to do,if to carry on with his life alone or give up hope and die slowly in the harsh environment.The will of his son is to get to the coast but the hopes of the father seem to fade in the bleak conditons as he has no strenght. The will to move on or let hope fade away is the on going conflict in the mind of the father. As strenght diminishes the will to move on with personal duties seem to vanish into the ashes,leaving nothing behind to be remembered. Life or death, reach the coast or let his body fall over ashes, the conflicts overwhelming his mind.